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Moocs eLearning and Digital Culture #edcmooc

As with many things in my life I end up- at the right place, at the right time and with the right head space. So I encountered this course on the day it began. I’ve read one 47 page article on Technological or Media Determinism Daniel Chandler and learned some new words. Watched the videos that I thoroughly enjoyed. I have reproduced here for others.

The first two videos sum me up in a nutshell.

Not that i think Technology is received from on high but that I do put it on a pedestal and see it as a cure all. Utopian I guess. I know what makes computers tick. The RSA video is of interest:

The second video is again me in a nutshell.

This is just an age old love story made magic. We rely on technology and if it breaks down we are not lost because technology is like a train we are traveling upon bringing us to a certain destination, we get off once there. Yes although being terrible unscientific, serendipity takes over. (see opening sentence). One could argue that certain inexorable wheels had been set in motion making the outcome much less than mere chance. But its an age old story of love triumphing out.

I am a member of an online community called Second Life dot com. I have a gf who lives in Australia and we communicate on skype for real but also as avatars in second life. I also host for a blues DJ in a club. A striking phenomenon is two people typing the same thing at the same time. This is not just the same thought but also the exact phraseology and syntax. It is remarkable. Digital clairvoyance you could call it I guess :). So there is something “other” than Technology therefore it is incomplete. However it is self evident that it is all pervasive. It is not a philosophy it is a description of a tool. Personally speaking if in 20 years I am offered a digital plugin i will accept it with joy. All tools are extensions of ourselves Technology aka the Internet is an extension of me. Its content is determined by me.

As to the third video describes more a cityscape than necessary technology. The city dweller is often more caught up in their own personal space, more so as illustrated by the female constantly on her mobile phone. The last video saw the Martians taking over.

As to the reading, well it needs reading again I am a bit out of practice!





Ref: E-Learning and Digital Cultures out of the University of Edinburgh -11/4/2013 – #edcmooc

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