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Multitasking #edcmooc

Multitasking is often seen as a skill however cognitive science shows otherwise. I wrote an article on it here on my web site. This post was a response to someone posting a link to TED video Sugata Mitra Schools in the Cloud

I commented thus:

Isn’t it an excellent video!!!! Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLE) show a new way of looking at education.In some respects MOOCs have many of the features of SOLEs . (Acronyms!) . It is however organized. It is also guided however participation is up to the individual. I believe as Sugata says we have to look at radically ( of the root) changing how education is delivered. I grew up with a pen and notebook and the Encyclopaedia Britannica. At 32 i went back to school and obtained two degrees again with pen, paper and a library. My education was guided. 30 years on I am here. There is a good article ( another TED talk) on focus and concentration. Both are necessary for success. I study everyday from 5am to 8 am with no distractions.
worth a watch!

Following a link I found this infographic on multitasking.

“………multitasking. But what about multi-tasking ? There is now a growing body of scientific research in disfavor of this ” bad habit “. Most of the research coming out of the labs of cognitive scientists suggest that we are incapable of efficiently managing more than two tasks :”

I thought I was doing well. However the infographic below says otherwise. Yes I have 40 tabs open in 2 browsers. Yes I am online 95% of the time. However I discipline myself. Focused concentration between 5am to 8am . No emails until after then.

So Focus and Concentration and not doing more than two tasks at a time. Do it now!


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