We were asked to look at three videos. The first video “A day made of glass” paints a rosy picture of ‘intelligent glass”. Ken Robinson gives a talk on “How schools kill creativity” We must have a fundamental rethink of how we teach our children and what we teach them.

Telling a story education appears to be designed to produce university professors. They live in their heads. Below is an RSA animate on changing education paradigms:

Divergent thinking lowers with education. How can this be re-established? Do MOOCs encourage creativity? I am one of 22k students, I have created one thread “Statistics:will we have some?” made 13 posts and commented 6 times. Some of my contributions have been given points (peer review). The fourth video seems to me shows a world devoid of creativity, there is an app for everything including correctly chopping a cucumber. All actions are scored. It is a dystopia. It is horrible especially the dating app. Writing the piece is a direct result of EDCMOOC. Over 200 blogs have been registered with the course. What is different about MOOCs? We have course materials in the form of videos and readings, we also have forums which take the place of seminars. The course is linear. The aim is not to receive a course certificate but to participate in a learning process. And to contribute. I am being creative.

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