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The Rise of the Avatar #edcmooc

by pj
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Published on: November 25, 2013

If the symbol of posthumanism is the computer then its agent is the avatar. I have an avatar in the cybercommunity of second life. We have been having a bit of a debate about real and virtual as far as education goes. Here’s the comment I made:

Jeremy, Should we try and create a campus online? I think we have. A campus is in essence faculty and student body. This can and has (I’m a Buddhist btw) been done under a tree. I will take this a step further – you don’t even need my body just my mind being housed in whatever is handy with the ability to communicate. The essence is “shared space” the externals are not important. It would be disingenuous of me to suggest that there isn’t a roll for dreaming spires, however they are not essential either real or virtual for learning to take place. Having said that, does champagne taste better from a fluted crystal glass?

jeremyI think I have gone too far. Champagne does taste better. However if I only have china mugs in my kitchen they will do as well. Jeremy’s avatar is awful. I suggested he go to Avatar Creations for a refit. How we present to others cannot be easily dismissed. However is it essential? I think not. We live in a world of things. houses, cars, clothes all make a statement and we are judged by them. The most charming and erudite companion dressed in rags will not make it past the maitre d in a five star restaurant. So we have to give some value to form. The aged often have a gravitas that is respected. We project and presume. However for me : Content First.

1 Comment
  1. Jessika says:

    Absolutely – I like my champagne in a fluted crystal glass – my avatar insists on this. But I will swig it from the bottle if required.

    Oh Jeremy your avatar really does need a little tweak.

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