I finished my artifact and made it a record of the course. http://edcmooc.com There are some great examples of some animations that people have done. I am a tad overwhelmed. “Is the Man who is tall happy?” great animation.

I will be putting up here the artifacts I have to grade and allocate a pass or fail. I fear I have failed as mine is too long. However having said that it represents many of the features of the MOOC e learning and digital cultures. A record of my Forum posts is here I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and I have learned more than I can express. It has not been a passive experience. I don’t know how long the course will stay up before it is taken down. My record is permanent. The progress I have made is not necessarily just linear. A + B = completion. I don’t thing this is true of any learning. It will affect our lives if we are open to it. Learning produces change and becomes a stepping stone to a greater understanding of what we are and what we hope to be. Life long learning is an option we now have. Isn’t it wonderful? I have enrolled in two more MOOCs run by the University of Edinburgh : “Critical Thinking” and “Introduction to Philosophy” . Coursera do a wonderful job of providing a platform for learning. I’m looking forward to them.

The combination of course materials, student-instructor guided forums and the hangouts make for powerful media however as I have said:

“We are more than the some of our media”

This is not the end just the start of a new beginning. Here is a blog about the way forward :
AND here is one of (my) instructors talking about the fragmentation of MOOCs http://openeducationeuropa.eu/en/news/growth-moocs-accelerates-field-rapidly-fragmenting

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