So the teaching part of the course is over. No more Forum posts, no more directed videos. What have I learned? Well MOOCs are great fun. I have signed up for three more: Critical Thinking and Introduction to Philosophy both at Edinburgh and Good Brain Bad Brain run by the Open University. The edcmooc has taught me how best to go about this. I have also learned different ways of looking at technology. I want a wall screen though I do pretty well with my 22 inch widescreen. Sugata Mitra and distance learning, MOOCs, may well be the answer to the digital divide. Can a full degree course be completed in this way? I’m not sure but I hope it can. I have two degrees both taught in the traditional manner however both involved work experience where I, as part of the course, put into practice what I had been studying. I think there is and always will be a role for the traditional university however education can be brought to the masses via MOOCs.

Oh dear time to evaluate my peers. We have three criteria :

  • Comment on the course themes and key concepts that you see to be present in the artefact (up to 100 words)
  • Comment on the strength of the link the creator has made between these themes and an aspect of education <
  • Offer a piece of advice that might have strengthened this piece (up to 100 words)

This is going to be difficult, perhaps the most difficult part of the course. It tests my understanding of what has gone before. Ok, I will do my best!

Here is a goodbye video I made saying thank you. Please watch Full Screen I used my Avatar Dude Starship of Second Life fame! LOL!

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