Well evaluation time #edcmooc

So the teaching part of the course is over. No more Forum posts, no more directed videos. What have I learned? Well MOOCs are great fun. I have signed up for three more: Critical Thinking and Introduction to Philosophy both at Edinburgh and Good Brain Bad Brain run by the Open University. The edcmooc has taught me how best to go about this. I have also learned different ways of looking at technology. I want a wall screen though I do pretty well with my 22 inch widescreen. Sugata Mitra and distance learning, MOOCs, may well be the answer to the digital divide. Can a full degree course be completed in this way? I’m not sure but I hope it can. I have two degrees both taught in the traditional manner however both involved work experience where I, as part of the course, put into practice what I had been studying. I think there is and always will be a role for the traditional university however education can be brought to the masses via MOOCs.

Oh dear time to evaluate my peers. We have three criteria :

This is going to be difficult, perhaps the most difficult part of the course. It tests my understanding of what has gone before. Ok, I will do my best!

Here is a goodbye video I made saying thank you. Please watch Full Screen I used my Avatar Dude Starship of Second Life fame! LOL!

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