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I have registered for three MOOCs .

  • Critical thinking in Global Challenges” will go live on Monday the 20th of January. (Coursera University of Edinburgh). Taking this course so I have a better idea of the direction we should be taking globally.
  • Good brain, bad brain: basics.” Course starts on Monday 27 January 2014.(Future Learn, University of Birmingham) I have a science degree in Psychology this should be a great refresher.
  • Introduction to Philosophy” Starts on 27th January (Coursera University of Edinburgh) This too to brush up on Philosophy previously studied many years ago.


I’m looking forward to them.

  1. Sekani says:

    That’s great dad 🙂 love to see you studying 🙂

    • Dad says:

      Well thank you darling. Sticking to my premise of doing three things in life: Earning, learning and having a good time. Got two of them which is my minimum target.

  2. Jennifer McGinnis says:

    Hi, Philip, I’m in the small group for Critical Thinking-Global Challenges with you, and will also be joining you in Good Brain, Bad Brain. MOOCs are an awesome way to keep learning, aren’t they?

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