Below is a music video showing off different backgrounds. also shown are dance movements that illustrate how a simple animation can be quite effective.  You may wish to be with a colleague or friend and capture the two of you together against a background of your choosing. We can assist. The making of videos is something we are very experienced in. Enjoy. The quality is good enough to watch Full Screen should you so desire.


After visiting Nerolab designers and getting their most modern gear, cyberdude just happened. With his helmet puffing air black cat suit hover boots and medical belt. He was all set to take the stage. So I built one for him. Have a look. My fav velvet underground tune. At the end I show you the stage. You can do lots in second life while dressing appropriately. Most clothes are not expensive tho Dude’s outfit was. [will still be fashionable in 20 years lol]. But what I love most are the animations. They are awesome. If you need a hand we are here to help. Just email > admin@avatarcreations.net< and we will sort you out. Or fill out the form at the end

It is easy to see second life as an art form . Drama Libre every week have a different theme for their Saturday parties. Last week was the works of M.C.Escher. You dress according to the theme. Their web site is here [link] Any students or teachers of anthropology or media studies would enjoy our cybercommunity of Drama Libre.

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