We hope you’ll take a look at Junkyard U and see if you might enjoy being involved at some level . . . maybe to teach, maybe to learn, maybe for the community aspect of it, or maybe for all of the above.

If, like us, you enjoy sharing knowledge and skills, pick a topic and go for it.  Kiff will be teaching a class that meets 2 or 3 times a week called “Basic Building Bash.”  The “bash” part is so people won’t expect it to be very formal or even have a curriculum.  Dina thinks she might moderate a weekly discussion.  There are a zillion possible topics to choose from.

If your class will be a regular weekly thing, then list the day and time with us so we can put it on the schedule board.  Or, if it’s impromptu, just send out a notice when you’re in a teaching mood.  Start by bringing along 2 or 3 friends who are already interested in your topic.  Or, if there is something you would like to learn if only you could find a teacher … let us know what it is, and we’ll try to help you find one.  Enjoy!

SL Skill Classes * Builder’s Sandbox
SL Discussions * New Citizen Help

We are providing a place in which everybody in our Junkyard Blues community can freely share knowledge, skills, and experience with each other.  Why?  Because we can, and because it might be fun to see what happens with an SL “freeschool” concept. We haven’t a clue where this will go, but it would be a shame not to put it out there to see.

Junkyard U is located at Junkyard Blues South at the end of the canal.
Here is a landmark:

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